Overview of Babykrakens

Babykrakens are a community SRG20 token within the Surge Protocol, a unique ecosystem that allows for decentralized trading without the need for a centralized exchange or third-party tool. This innovative approach to trading provides users with more control and security over their assets. This means that users can trade directly with each other, without the need for an intermediary, which reduces the risk of hacks and other security breaches. (Read the Surge Protocol whitepaper).
The Babykrakens token contract comes with multiple features. Not only is it secure and unruggable, there is built-in MEV bot protection, which prevents bots from front-running transactions and manipulating prices. This ensures that the market remains fair and transparent for all users. You can buy Babykrakens knowing you will get exactly the amount you are expecting.
Users can trade with confidence, knowing that their funds are secure.
Babykrakens' liquidity pool store surge tokens and there will only ever be a limited maximum supply of 100,000,000 Surge tokens in existence. As the adoption and demand for the Surge ecosystem increases, with more projects also adopting the same liquidity setup and pairing with Surge tokens, we will directly benefit from this with positive price pressure on our tokens value.
There are no trading fees for buying and selling $BBKS, which reduces the cost of trading and our token is deflationary, which means that we are designed to have a decreasing supply over time. A 1% burn immediately follows every buy and sell transaction via the contract and without the need for a third party. As trading volume increases and our overall supply decreases, the intrinsic value of our token goes up.
Introducing the Kraken Tracker App. The exclusive tracker of all Surge and SRG20 token within the ecosystem. Where investors can track their Surge and SRG20 tokens balances, prices and overall value in one place. Users can view all tokens listed on the dApp and their current price without connecting their wallet. In addition to this if users would like to view their wallet holdings and their prospective values they will need to connect their wallet to the dApp and ensure they hold a 'minimum' of 100 BBKS tokens and as such are required to buy our tokens on the open market.
Babykrakens also developed a popular Ethereum NFT collection for our owners to treasure and you will notice people in telegram sporting our designs! Our Ethereum NFT collection pays holders rewards and offers future utilities to be implemented at different project milestones. Our holders receive percentage of the revenue raised in NFT sales in Ethereum which are sent via airdrop after each round of minting. The remainder of income is utilised to buyback and burn babykraken and accumulate surge for future utility! These are just some of the many reasons which make Babykrakens a fun, safe and good choice for investors.