How to buy Babykrakens on Surge Swap!

1. Create a Wallet

Download Safepal (or MetaMask) and create a crypto wallet. Important: Always store your seed phrase in a secure location and never share it with anyone!
You will then need to make a purchase of Ethereum and have this ready in your wallet. If you are new to crypto currencies please use the beginners guide tutorial below on how to buy ethereum in under 5 minutes:
Babykrakens ($BBKS) is available to buy exclusively on SurgeSwap using the main Surge Token ($SRG). Please go the the dex using the link below and connect your wallet:

Visit SurgeSwap here:

1. Connect your wallet by pressing the button in top right corner. Please make sure you are on the right domain! Make sure your wallet account is on the right chain which is Ethereum. SurgeSwap will automatically detect the chain you are on.
2. Click on the tokens to change the trading pair by navigating through the dropdown menu. You will be able to scroll through a list of SRG20 tokens on ethereum and you will see babykrakens ($BBKS).
3. Insert the amount of ETH or Surge tokens you want to spend for the buy/sell. Then press "Surge Swap"
If you haven't approved the token yet, the "Surge Swap" button will show "Approve token". Use the button to approve first. Then proceed to buy/sell.

Remember: There is a built-in frontrun protection in SRG and SRG20 tokens. Using higher than usual slippage is completely fine! Please only change the settings for slippage and deadline if necessary and only if you know what you are doing. Changing the settings wrongly can result in reverted transactions and lost gas fees.
Congratulations you have successfully purchased Babykrakens!
To view your tokens in your wallet. Add the tokens to your wallet using the contract address: 0xF654d4C3CC334324ad474A0d5d3708dCA4c1CB25