How to buy Babykrakens directly on Etherscan!

You can buy and sell Babykrakens without connecting your wallet to anything besides Etherscan!

Video tutorial on how to buy SRG20 tokens on BSCScan / Etherscan from Surge Protocol

Please make sure the domain you are visiting truly is and be careful with phishing sites!


Own $SRG on the ethereum blockchain as Babykrakens ($BBKS).
Approve spending of the SRG20 tokens on the $SRG contract:
  • Click "Contract", then "Write Contract"
  • Click "Connect to Web3" and connect your wallet using Metamask or the wallet app you prefer.
To buy, use the function 1: (_buy)
  • "payableAmount": insert the amount of ETH you would like to spend. If you want to purchase 0.1 ETH worth of $SURGE, please type "0.1"
  • "minTokenOut": This serves the purpose of slippage in SurgeSwap. As $SURGE has a built-in anti-frontrun mechanism, you can type "0" (zero) into this field.
  • "deadline": set the deadline for the transaction in unix time. If you don't care about the deadline, please insert "10000000000" (11 digits) or any large number into this field.