NFT Collection

BABYKRAKENS 8888 NFT Collection Is here! Contract Address: 0xe7713069710f50f3a078725c59ce910189d2a5e1
Our Ethereum NFT collection pays holders rewards and offers future utilities to be implemented at different project milestones. Highlights include 8,888 NFTs, 8 sought-after Legendaries and listed on Rarity Sniper with a twitter shout out! The remainder of income is utilised to buyback and burn Babykrakens and accumulate surge for future utility!
8 rounds of minting!
8 Legendaries! 1,111 x 8 = 8,888 NFT's!
(1 Legendary to be captured in each round!)
The legendaries will serve a special purpose in the future!
**BBKNFTS are based on ERC-721A standard. It means you can mint multiple NFT's with an inexpensive one-time gas fee!** NFT Contract Address: 0xe7713069710f50f3a078725c59ce910189d2a5e1 Etherscan: Token Tracker: BBKNFTS Opensea: View your NFT ranking on: Rarity Sniper: