Kraken Tracker

Introducing Kraken Tracker...
Track all your SRG20 tokens balances, prices and your overall value in one place!
The No 1 token tracker of the Surge ecosystem. Where investors can track their Surge and SRG20 tokens balances, prices and overall value in one place. The exclusive tracker of all Surge and SRG20 token within the ecosystem. Users can view all tokens listed on the dApp and their current price without connecting their wallet. In addition to this if users would like to view their wallet holdings and their prospective values they will need to connect their wallet to the dApp and ensure they hold a 'minimum' of 100 BBKS tokens and as such are required to buy our tokens on the open market. Babykrakens white label the Kraken Tracker, which is a product of Coineus.
Link to dApp: Click Here
For developers, to have your SRG20 project listed on KrakenTracker for free: Click Here